Behavior Planning

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Transform the way you write behavior plans with our dynamic platform.

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Anyone can change behavior

Create individualized and function-based behavior plans, track progress, and access an inventory of evidence-based interventions and best practices. All from one simple platform. This comprehensive framework opens up capacity for all educators and practitioners, enabling them to effectively support students in their behavioral, social-emotional, and academic growth.

By integrating evidence-based strategies and data-driven insights, Behavior Advantage helps educators implement targeted interventions, monitor student outcomes, and make informed instructional decisions.

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The onboarding process

How it works

See it in action

Explore how Behavior Advantage can address the specific needs of your district or organization in a 30-60 minute demo. We’ll discuss your desired outcomes for adopting our platform, and you’ll see firsthand the effective utilization of developing Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs), Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs), Check-In/Check-Out Interventions (CICO), data insights, and more, all from one practical tool.

Solidify the plan

We’ll provide a detailed proposal that considers the size and specific needs of your district/organization so you have a customized plan to make an informed decision.

Set up your schools

You’re in! Now it’s time to set up platform training for initial users and the administrative team. We’ll work with your leadership team to develop an effective rollout plan that identifies initial target groups and establishes strategies for adoption, implementation, and expansion to all educators in your district or organization.

Get started

We provide a practical onboarding and orientation model to introduce the Behavior Advantage platform and guide initial users through accessing, navigating, and implementing the platform’s resources.

Staff members navigate their first FBA, BIP, Simple BIP, Check-In Check-Out Intervention, and data collection resources in the platform through self-paced training and user guides. This is supplemented with clinical support with a BCBA. Our dedicated team is readily available and via video conference and email if additional support and guidance are needed.

A Platform Made for You

Lasting behavior changes require consistency. Our platform gives you the tools to successfully implement plans that stick.

Develop individualized plans

Simplify implementation with our robust platform that guides users to consider both the context and function of challenging behaviors exhibited by individual students, empowering them to “match” evidence-based practices. You can effortlessly create custom plans tailored to each student’s unique needs.

Progress monitor

Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with extensive data collection and automated graphing features, including our Check-In/Check-Out interventions. These interventions maintain a team-oriented approach, catering to general and special education students’ needs and effectively addressing various behavioral challenges. Seamlessly share CICO sheets and graphs with families at the click of a button.

Streamline workflow

Spend more time making an impact in the classroom and less on cumbersome BIP paperwork. Maximize your planning with our time-saving tools composed of evidence-based practices, delivering professional reports with a single click.

Receive hands-on support

Experience a thorough onboarding process and ongoing guidance from our dedicated team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts. We maintain continuous communication with leadership, addressing staff’s evolving needs through training refreshers, feedback implementation, and a wide range of embedded tools and resources for all experience levels.

Collaborate with your clinical team

Our platform is designed to support students with a more collaborative team-based approach to behavior planning. Unite your clinical team of school psychologists, behavior specialists, counselors, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and more to fully support your teachers and paraeducators to implement behavior interventions with fidelity.

Make an Impact

Behavior Advantage is more than just a platform. We’re transforming the way student behaviors are approached, envisioning a world where students excel in school, graduate with pride, forge meaningful friendships, and build a better life at home. Our user-friendly platform is backed by decades of expert clinical experience and supplemented by on-demand professional development videos. We’re helping reshape the future of behavior management, so every student can reach their full potential.